Tupy updates its Code of Ethics and Conduct


April 12, 2022

Tupy is committed to the best corporate governance practices and has recently released an updated version of its Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The document reinforces the principles and values guiding the company’s relationships and activities, in addition to being a guide to the expected behavior of its employees, suppliers, service providers, and other publics. It also reflects the Company’s evolution in its practices and, mainly, society’s evolution, by monitoring discussions which impact the business and the publics related to Tupy.

These changes include the expansion of the guidelines to subjects already addressed in previous versions, however, the Company’s practices are more clearly described in the current text. Topics such as liability in third-party relationships and diversity and inclusion.

About Tupy

A Brazilian multinational company that develops and manufactures cast iron structural components with highly complex geometry and metallurgy. These engineering solutions are applied to the transportation, infrastructure, agribusiness, and power generation sectors, contributing to the quality of life of people, promoting access to health, basic sanitation, drinking water, and the production and distribution of food worldwide. The technological innovation involved in the design and manufacture of these parts has been the Company’s specialty throughout its more than 80 years of operations. The production is concentrated in the Brazilian factories located in Betim, Joinville and Mauá, and in the cities of Ramos Arizpe and Saltillo, in Mexico, and Aveiro, in Portugal.  Tupy also has commercial officers in Germany, Brazil, the U.S., and Italy.


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