Concern with the sustainable development is expressed in the Company values, when it manifests the concern with People, their Health and Safety, Environment, community, always prioritizing the Integrity. All of this is an integral part of Tupy’s culture.
Our purpose is to develop solutions that contribute to the improvement of life conditions of the people. This means access to decent dwelling, drinking water, basic sanitation, energy, foods and reduction of the social inequality, as well as, also minimizing our impact continuously and increasing more and more our value to the society.



In the value chain of Tupy, we combine economic development with environment preservation. The potential of our contribution is concretized both in actions that mitigate emissions in the production process, and in the development of technologies that enable reducing CO2 emissions in the segments we perform, in addition to enhancement of circular economy fronts. The Environment Management System (SGA) of the Company, holding ISO 14001 certification since 2001, is aimed to mitigating and controlling aspects applicable to the Tupy business, as well as the continuous improvement of production processes to minimize environment impacts.



There are approximately 5.2 thousand hectares of forest preservation at the locations where Tupy operates. Mapping conducted in 2020 identified that 80% of this figure are occupied by native forests, 9% by reforesting and 11% are considered as Permanent Protection Areas. Thus, we have a stock of 1.8 million tons of CO2 in our forests.



We participate actively in all the communities where we operate. We want that these communities thrive with us and consider our presence as an opportunity to contribute with the economic and social development of the region, by promoting education, job and income generation, social impact projects, among other initiatives.



Volunteer work

Our employees support volunteer actions and change realities; thus, they are called as Tupy Transformers.
There are near 120 in action in Brazil and Mexico, carrying out actions in favor of local communities.


the financial results of the Company are disclosed quarterly and may be followed in our RI website. During 2020, we directed efforts to preservation of health and safety of the individuals and business, maintaining sound financial position and supply to our customers. Check additional information in the last Tupy report.


Tupy publishes annual reports to share with stakeholders – communities, employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and the society in general – the key highlights of our activities and sustainability actions.

see report


In 2020, we conducted our first materiality process to cover priority subjects in our business, connected with our strategy.



We reaffirm our Values and our positions, taking on external commitments with other organizations, which enlarges the potential of our performance in favor of sustainable development.

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