Tupy receives award from Cummins


May 15, 2014

Tupy, worldwide leader in the production of cast iron blocks and heads, received an award in the category of Supply Chain Transformation, by its customer Cummins in the 2014 US Supplier Conference that took place on May 2 in Indianapolis (USA) and awarded to a select group of suppliers that exceeded expectations of the diesel engine manufacturer in quality of products and services, on-time delivery, innovation and commitment to Cummins values.

The category Supply Chain Transformation” recognizes the supplier that better served Cummins’s needs, being capable of fully integrate to Cummins’ value chain and promote efficiency gains in its operations, reductions in logistics costs and excellent services to its customers.

Tupy was recognized by its collaborative work and for defining, implementing and consistently maintaining the supply flow, availability and variety of products to Cummins’ plants, absorbing the effects of demand fluctuation and logistics and customs disruptions.

This allowed Cummins to operate with adequate productions lots and high efficiency in its plants, eliminating excessive tooling and machining line change-overs. This further allowed the customer to increase productivity and capacity in its lines, as well as to eliminate extraordinary inbound and outbound transportation costs, thus increasing the manufacturing flexibility in a dynamic business environment.

Tupy was represented by Fernando Cestari de Rizzo, Executive Vice-President of the Automotive Business Unit, and by Paulo Dutra, Sales and Engineering Director – Tupy/USA, who received the award. The award winners were selected by a wide group of Cummins’ executives among over 5,000 suppliers to Cummins.


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