Tupy promotes its 1st Meeting of Suppliers


April 23, 2014

About 500 executives in the country and abroad are gathered in Joinville to share the present moment of the company and processes to strengthen the supply chain

Joinville, April 9th, 2014 – Tupy promotes this Wednesday at Expoville the 1st Meeting of Suppliers of the company. Around 250 companies of the country and abroad are represented, bringing together about 500 executives, including Tupy CEO Luiz Tarquinio Sardinha Ferro, and all vice presidents.
Besides promoting closer contact between the leaders of Tupy and its suppliers, the meeting has as a main objective to share the current situation of the company in the global scenario. Tupy is a Brazilian multinational that exports its products to 29 countries and is a leader in the automotive market in the production of iron blocks and heads, and a leader in the national market in the production of hydraulic connections. This position requires suppliers of high quality standard and commitment. To assist in this process, during the event, the Tupy Supplier Manual was presented, as well as its new Supplier Management System. Another innovation is the launch of the Outstanding Supplier of the Year Award, which will acknowledge, in five categories, the best of 2014.
 “The 1st Meeting of Suppliers arose from the need for the company to have an even more robust chain of trading partners, more competitive and aligned with the vision and mission of Tupy business, because the moment is for expansion, transformation and growth, “says the Vice President of Procurement and Logistics, Julio Cesar de Oliveira.
In the coming months, the 1st Tupy Meeting of Suppliers will also be held in Mexico, where the company has two manufacturing units.


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