Tupy joins alliance to develop hydrogen-powered engines


March 2, 2022

Integrating Allianz Wasserstoffmottor is part of the Company’s strategy to foster decarbonization research and development

Joinville, March 2022 – Decarbonization goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions involve various technological routes. As a result, Tupy has invested in R&D and in several partnerships. The Company now integrates Allianz Wasserstoffmotor. The global alliance gathers industries and researchers with a common purpose – to support research and development of hydrogen-powered engines and engage in dialogues with civil society and government about how to promote the technology.

“Hydrogen-powered engine is a promising alternative for propulsion. Besides being carbon neutral, it is a low-cost and highly durable technology with the potential to refuel faster. Tupy wants to combine its technical expertise and the major breakthroughs of its Research and Development (R&D) team with the vision of international partners, so as to foster the development of an adequate energy transition technology to be used in different applications and regions,” highlights André Ferrarese, officer at Tupy Tech.

The Company is also a member of the Brazilian Hydrogen Association (ABH2) and helps it foster the development of innovative science and technology studies and research to strengthen the Brazilian hydrogen industry.

Another important initiative announced last year is the partnership with Westport Fuel Systems and AVL, to develop a highly efficient internal combustion engine powered by hydrogen (H2) for cargo transportation.

About Tupy

A Brazilian multinational company that develops and manufactures cast iron structural components with highly complex geometry and metallurgy. These engineering solutions are applied to the transportation, infrastructure, agribusiness and energy generation sectors, contributing to the quality of life of people, promoting access to health, basic sanitation, drinking water, and the production and distribution of food worldwide. The technological innovation involved in the design and manufacture of these parts has been the Company’s specialty throughout its more than 80 years of history. The production is concentrated in the Brazilian factories located in Betim (MG), Joinville (SC) and Mauá (SP), and abroad, in the cities of Aveiro, in Portugal, and in Saltillo, and Ramos Arizpe, in Mexico. Tupy also has commercial officers in Germany, Brazil, the U.S., and Italy.


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