Tupy conquers new customer for supplying engine blocks in CGI (Compacted Graphite Iron)


October 4, 2010

VM Motori SpA, an Italian manufacturer specialized in diesel engines is already receiving engine blocks made by Tupy in CGI – Compacted Graphite Iron. Besides blocks, Tupy is supplying also bed plates. Both components are being used in the assembly of the new V6 3.0 lliter engines that, as from 2011, will equip passenger and sport utility vehicles commercialized specially in Europe.

VM Motori is a new customer for Tupy. “More than three years ago, we started talking but the economic crisis that affected the automotive sector negatively caused a halt in the negotiations that lasted for a while. Recently, we closed the deal, formalizing a supply agreement for an initial period of three years.” Declared Fernando Cestari de Rizzo, Sales and Marketing vice-president.

As far as competition is concerned, Tupy won over German foundries and reaffirmed its leadership in the supply of CGI engine blocks, which, together with the bed plates, are also being pre-machined at the Joinville plant.

An already well established material in automotive engineering, the Compacted Graphite Iron has superior properties in relation to aluminum, allowing for the engines, besides being lighter, to have a superior endurance and fulfilling the legal requirements for emissions (in Europe, at the moment, the Euro 5, that was effective in 2009, is compulsory for all vehicles as from 2011).

VM Motori is the seventh customer to purchase products in CGI from Tupy, a fact that confirms its leadership and the world trend for engine manufacturers to use more and more that material which is differentiated by the technology required for its production. “Our team of engineers has not only dominated production in a large scale but has also overcome all challenges.”

VM Motori engine block and bed plate

Other business

Ford Europe, which has its engine manufacturing plant in England, was the first customer to purchase CGI blocks from Tupy, which has been supplying them since 2004, for the brands Jaguar and Land Rover. Presently, a property of Tata Motors, those brands continue to receive the engines manufactured by Ford, with the CGI blocks.

Recently, Tupy renewed the contract with Ford Europe and began to supply blocks for a new series of 4.4-liter engines, an evolution of the previous 3.5-liter engines and that will be used in the sport utility Range Rover.

After Ford Europe, came Audi, Toyota Racing Development (for NASCAR race cars), and the truck manufacturers MAN and DAF. Since last year, Tupy has also been supplying to Ford North-America, which is using the blocks in the diesel V8 engines for the F series trucks launched this year. Now, added to them is VM Motori, whose manufacturing plant is located in Cento, Italy.


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