Tupy announces Fernando de Rizzo as the new CEO


April 6, 2018

Tupy announces Fernando de Rizzo as the new CEO

Former Vice President responsible for the automotive business unit, Fernando Cestari de Rizzo took over the position of CEO on April 2nd, succeeding Luiz Tarquinio Sardinha Ferro.

JOINVILLE, April, 2018 – After 15 years of successful management by Luiz Tarquinio Sardinha Ferro, Tupy S.A. announced the transition of its main leadership. Fernando Cestari de Rizzo has built his career in the company, in which he began as an intern and had reached the position of vice president of the automotive unit. He was chosen by the Board of Directors to take over the position of CEO of the Company as of April 2, 2018.

Rizzo will lead Tupy with plans to speed up the Company’s growth and internationalization. “We have solid foundations, based on international markets of transportation, infrastructure and agriculture – all rapidly expanding –, in addition to a winning business model focused on building a partnership with customers, technology and added value,” says the executive. “Now that the company is entirely adjusted, our challenge is to further increase the speed of its growth, seizing new business opportunities in Brazil and abroad, whilst focusing on profitability”.

With an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from FAAP, MBA from Indiana University and specialization degrees from FVG and Stanford School of Business, Fernando Cestari de Rizzo is an example of Tupy’ s focus on developing leaders. Working for over 20 years in the company, the executive took roles in engineering and strategic planning areas. In 2004, at 32 years-old, he became vice president of Sales and Marketing. In 2012, he became vice president of automotive business, which is responsible for over 90% of the company’s revenues.

A PERIOD OF ACHIEVEMENTS – The change highlights the strengthening of a cycle that started in 2003, when Tarquinio took over Tupy’ s management to address its financial challenges, which were pronounced back then.

After the turnaround, Tupy resumed its strategical aspirations and acquired two companies in Mexico, turning Tupy into the global leader in the segment of blocks of heads for engines. Finally, Tarquinio led Tupy back to the capital market through an equity follow on with shares listed under Novo Mercado and, lastly, the issuance of a 10-year bond in the international market.


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