Tupy adheres to the use of sustainable helmets


October 3, 2014

Collaborate with the preservation of the environment is one of
goals of the multinational company

Joinville (SC) – October 2014 – Tupy, the biggest iron foundry company in Latin America and a leader in the production of engine blocks and cylinder heads in cast iron for the automotive market, has the environment as a focus of its corporate social investment. One of the latest initiatives of the company was investing in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that minimize damage to the planet.

Tupy is the first in the industry to implement the use of sustainable V-Gard helmet GREEN, of the company MSA – the is PPE produced from 100% renewable source and 100% recyclable. About 50 employees of the multinational are already using the new equipment, and the company’s goal is that all helmets are progressively replaced. “Both models maintain the same standard of quality, safety, and technical performance are equal even in visual aesthetics. The decision to invest in sustainable PPE reinforces our commitment to the environment, “says Wellington Silverio, vice president of Human Resources at Tupy.

Produced with material derived from sugar cane, sustainable helmet helps on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions during its production process. Already the traditional helmet, emits CO ² during its manufacture, to be produced from fossil polyethylene. “A 100% sustainable solution provides less impact on the environment and significant reductions in GHG emissions (greenhouse gases). Sustainable helmet ends up by joining quality, sustainability and innovation into a single product, “said Mauricio Alvarez, Product Manager of MSA.

The V-Gard GREEN was awarded by the international consultancy Frost & Sullivan in 2013 in the category of Year’s Innovation on Head’s Protection.

About Tupy
Tupy develops and manufactures castings and machined components for the automotive industry and to differents segments of the industry and construction with the production of fittings, steel shots and continuous cast iron. Founded in 1938 in Joinville (SC), has two manufacturing plants located in Brazil, in the cities of Joinville / SC and Maua / SP, and two in the state of Coahuila, Mexico, in the cities of Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe. In 2013, 66.8% of company sales were destined for the foreign market and the total revenue for the year was R$ 3.1 billion.


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