Tupy NPT fittings are produced in accordance with ABNT NBR 6925, ASME B16.3, ASME B16.14 and ASME B16.39 standards, for use in transport of fluids: hot and cold water, steam, liquid and gas fuels, hydraulic oils in general, compressed air, gases in general, among others, within the pressure and temperature specified in the standards. Fittings are aimed to connections of threaded elements according to ABNT NBR 12912 and ASME B1.20.1 standards, where the sealing joint under pressure is of threaded type, with dimensions of ¼” to 6”.

The fittings are made of malleable cast iron and meet at least the mechanical properties provisioned in ASTM A197 standard. Tupy NPT pipe fittings are made of malleable cast iron, class JMB 350-10 (350 MPa and 10% elongation).


Tupy NPT fittings are produced with black finish (oiled only) and hot galvanizing (hot dip zinc-coating), according to ABNT NBR 6323 and ASTM A153 standards, both protected with non-toxic oil. Note on potability: Tupy NPT fittings can be used in potable water pipework, as the substances applied on them meet the parameters prescribed by the Ministry of Health, by its Consolidation Ordinance No. 5, of 10/03/17. Other special coatings, such as Epoxy, Cataphoretic and Hybrid painting, Double Galvanization, etc., can be supplied upon consultation.


Tupy BSP fittings are obligatorily certified by ABNT, in compliance with ordinance Inmetro No. 160, UL (UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES) listed, certified by FM Approvals LLC and DVGW (Deutsche Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches); the latter three being international quality certification bodies.

Quality Assurance System

Industry: Compressed air, Fire Prevention and Fighting System, Petroleum By-product Liquid Fuels, Gas (LPG, NG and inert gases), Treated Reclaimed Water, Petroleum By-product Oil, Lubricant, Steam, Cooling System, Chilled Water, etc.
Civil Construction: Gas (LPG and NG).
Inputs: Construction of Machines, Equipment, etc.



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