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The continuous casting process was developed as an alternate method for the production of cast iron without patterns or conventional molding process. The process consist on pouring the molten iron into a feeding furnace where a water-cooled graphite die has mounted to the lower face of the furnace. The bar is pulled horizontally from the furnace as the ferrostatic pressure continuously feed molten iron through the die. The die determines the shape and the shape and the structure of the bar is produced. The water cooling of the metal in the die begins the gradual cooling process. This allows for even solidification yielding a uniform microstructure. As the bar is pulled through the length of the machine, the solidification process is complete. It is then notched and broken into the length ordered by the customer.

The continuous casting process makes possible the production of bars with fine-grained as-cast structure. This structure allows free machining, wear resistance and good mechanical properties. These characteristics combined with near net shapes in rounds, squares, rectangles, and special shapes make Versa-Bar continuous cast iron an economic and high performing material, which can be used in many metal component parts application.


Continuous cast Iron Process