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1) Material of Tupy’s pipe fittings
TUPY’s pipe fittings are manufactured in black malleable iron according to NBR 6950’s specifications.

2) TUPY’s pipe fittings applications
TUPY’s pipe fittings are recommended for water, gas, vapor, liquid fuel (diesel, gasoline and alcohol) and gas fuels (Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Natural Gas).

3) Standards conformity
TUPY’s pipe fittings are manufactured in accordance with ABNT’s technical standard specifications:

NBR 6943 – malleable cast iron pipe fittings with NBR NM ISO 7-1 thread for pipes (for use in pipes according to standard NBR 5580);

NBR 6925 – malleable cast iron pipe fittings with NPT thread for pipes (for use with pipes according to NBR 5587).

4) Working Pressures to which TUPY pipe fittings resist – you may know through the table below:

Click here to visualize the table

5) Support for possible problems found in reading CD TUPY UTILITY

1) The CD does not run
The microcomputer may have a program that disables the reading of executable files on a CD. Programs like PROTEC or some types of anti-virus software may do that. Normally, that occurs when the Information Technology Department of some companies does not authorize the installation without previous submission.
2) The CD runs but I cannot click on the icons because they do not appear on the screen
Verify the video resolution of the computer. The resolution standard recommended is 800x600 pixels.
3) For the Windows XP version, during CD installation, the message saying “The file XXXX.dll has not been found” appears.
Continue the installation of the CD clicking OK.
4) TupyGas – Dimensioning. The calculation is not being initiated by the gas supply inlet.
The calculation should ALWAYS begin by the gas supply inlet.
5) TupyGas – Dimensioning. Common mistake: consider a regulator in the piping and continue the dimensioning
Each network pressure regulator should be considered as a new dimensioning as from that point.
6) TupyGas – Versions 1.0 and 2.0 show deficiencies such as:
    1. They do not allow for the inclusion of text by the user, for example, for
         explanations on products in the project;
    2. They do not allow for ramifications in the network;
    3. It is not possible to change the gas during the dimensioning.
Install a new CD. The latest version is the 2.0b from May 2001.
7) Tupy CAD – After the download from TUPY’s web site, Tupycad is not installed in Autocad. Follow the procedures according to the manual.
After the download, click on the option install and then, yes, TupyCAD will install in AutoCad. Follow the procedures according to the manual.
8) TupyCAD – The software is not loaded into AutoCad.
You should follow the manual. Type in AutoCad the commando “APPLOAD” and load the file TUPY.LSP. Following, type on the AutoCad command line, “TUPYCAD”.
9) TupyCAD – AutoCAD 14 Portuguese Version. The software does not work because the command were conceived in English.
Alter the version of the AutoCAD to English.
10) TupyCAD - The pipe fitting blocks that are inserted in the drawing look distorted.
Turn the OSNAP command off in AutoCAD.