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Tratamento de Efluentes

Among the improvements TUPY has been promoting as from the beginning of the decade, the effluent treatment has required special attention. With investments of R$ 7.8 million, the company built and is now operating, since 2007, at the Joinville industrial plant, two new stations - ETE GHW and Main ETE, which, together, have capacity to process 48 m3 (approx. 1,700 cubic feet) of industrial and sanitary effluents per hour.

To take care of sanitary effluents from bathrooms and kitchens that are used by around 8 thousand employees, is a great attitude and an important contribution by TUPY to the city sanitation system. Another similar improvement is in the fact that the system works as a closed circuit allowing for all the resulting water to be returned to the manufacturing processes. The reutilization of the water, besides helping the environment, also results in financial resources savings, since the company uses a smaller volume of water from the public system. In four years, the company reduced potable water consumption in 48%.

Yet, as far as water conservation is concerned, it is worth pointing out that the new buildings were designed to catch water from the rain and it has been used by TUPY to wash vehicles and in some industrial processes, also contributing for the reduction of water consumption from external sources.