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Social Investment

Tupy is a company that is aware of its role in developing the communities surrounding its manufacturing plants. As a way of guiding its social performance, in 2011, Tupy's Social Investment Policy was developed, built by the Working Group responsible for "Rethinking Tupy Social Investment". This is a way for the Company to contribute proactively to meeting the needs and priorities of the community, focusing on the transformation of social reality.

The Tupy Social Investment (TSI) guidelines are aligned with community engagement, with national, regional and local agendas, internal public involvement, partnership or networking, transparency, and evaluation systems.

Under this policy, the company supports, develops and encourages programs focusing on Environment, Education, Sport and Culture.

The company operates in the community through four platforms: own projects, supported and incentivized and the volunteer Tupy Transformers program.

By 2017, more than 12,000 people benefited from the programs.

The Tupy Social Investment Policy is available here, for download.

Tupy develops, supervises and monitors projects in the community.

Story Time

Encourages reading and environmental awareness. It is an initiative that offers moments of leisure, culture and, mainly, environmental awareness for students of public schools and children of employees. In 2017, in addition to the storytelling focused on environmental conservation issues, workshops were conducted on Speaking and Expression, with the use of storytelling and theater languages as a possibility for teaching and learning. In 2017, 7,587 children and adolescents participated in the project, in Joinville.

Christmas Light

As a way to provide a happier Christmas for children of charitable institutions and to awaken the Christmas spirit of its employees, Tupy organizes the Christmas Light Solidarity campaign in Joinville and in Mexico every year. Several stars, with names of children cared for by the partner entities, are distributed in Christmas trees in the Company. Employees remove these stars and revert gifts given at a special event with the presence of Santa Claus.

In 2017, about 300 children were given gifts in Joinville and 262 gifts were distributed in Mexico, where the initiative is named Dibuja una Sonrisa.

Can collection

At the units in Mexico, Tupy supports the campaign "Aplasta y Dona" (Crush and Donate, in English), which promotes the collection of empty aluminum cans to be converted towards the payment of physical therapy sessions for children with disabilities. In 2017, the campaign provided 464 physiotherapy sessions, 132% more than the previous year.

Donation of Christmas baskets

Every year, the Company distributes Christmas baskets that are not taken by employees or that they have chosen to donate, to charities of neighborhoods near its unit in Joinville. In 2017, around 200 Christmas baskets were delivered to charities around the Company by the participants of the Tupy Transformers volunteer program.


Support and sponsorship of projects in the community, developed by partners or third parties.

No More Training Wheels

The No More Training Wheels program teaches children from 4 to 10 years old to ride bikes without the use of training wheels, as well as guide the safest ways of riding in traffic. The activity is promoted in Joinville, on Sundays, from March to November, in a safe place free from the traffic of people and vehicles. It has the structure of a "miniature city", where children can pedal and learn to obey traffic signals, thus understanding and respecting the laws. It is carried out in partnership with the Cycling Federation of Santa Catarina (FCC). Altogether, 3,100 children participated in the program in 2017.

Tupy Boa Vista Circuit

Entire families mingle with professional and amateur athletes every year in March for a morning dedicated to cycling. An event held in partnership with the Santa Catarina Cycling Foundation, the Tupy Boa Vista Circuit promotes three major actions on the same day:

Cycling tour open to the community. With an 11 km route, it crosses the main streets of the Boa Vista neighborhood (where the Company's headquarters are located).

Tupy Cup for Amateurs. Competition race with an 11 km course that gathers amateur cyclists.

Tupy Boa Vista Circuit. Professional competition, which had its 50th edition in 2017.

In 2017, the three events brought together more than 600 people.

Joinville Volunteer Fire Department (CBVJ)

In addition to fire prevention and fire-fighting, CBVJ acts in the response to car accidents, in the rescue of people and property, in the cutting of trees that are at risk, in educational activities, among others.

Tupy is one of the maintainers of CBVJ, with financial support to maintain the service structure of the corporation.


Support for projects through fiscal incentive laws.

Through the Law of the Municipal Patronage of Incentive to Culture, in Joinville, Tupy supports cultural projects of the city yearly. In 2017, 38 projects were incentivized, all in the support mode.